Can anyone give me a little more detail on this fix? What is MDAC, and
is it realted to this issue?

What is "d:\be\barbuda\1616r\becat\server\catmedia.cpp(1101 )"? It is
a file on my system, should it be?

Email reply would be appreciated too


"Todd E. Toles" wrote:
>Get the MDAC updates from Microsoft.
>"Alex" wrote in message

>> I have jaus installesd BENT 7.2 and, after the first backup

>> I am receiving a lot of errors in the event log.
>> The error is always the same, and the msg are
>> exactly 60 seconds spaced.
>> The error is:
>> Event ID: 34322
>> Source: Backup Exec Catalog
>> Type: Error
>> Category: None
>> Description: Access to catalog file C:\Program Files\Seagate

>> Exec\NT\Catalogs\{5DFFBE74-B6F8-11D3-93F7-0000E222DAAAA}.U01 failed.
>> Reason: Not enough storage is available to process this command.
>> d:\be\barbuda\1616r\becat\server\catmedia.cpp(1101 )
>> Obviously the disk have a lot of free space.
>> Any suggestion?