Corey Betka wrote:
>I have an odd problem occuring with my installation of BE 7.3: Every
>backup job appears to be either long formating or secure erasing the
>target tape before it backs up any files. This causes backup jobs to
>take 8+ hours when there is 10 GB of data on the tape.
>Hardware specifics:
>Dell 120T DLT 7 Tape Changer (Relabeled ADIC unit)
>Dell PowerEdge 2100 server w/ Adaptec Diff SCSI controller
>Example logfile:
>>Job started: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 at 12:01:08 AM
>>Job type: Backup
>>Log file: BEX37.txt
>>================================================== ====================

>>Drive and media information from media mount:
>>Changer Name: ADIC 0
>>Drive Name: Quantum 0
>>Media Slot: 5
>>Media Cartridge Label: DL000002
>>Targeted Media Set Name: Rotation - Differential
>>================================================== ====================
>>Job Operation - Backup
>>Media operation - overwrite.
>>Hardware compression enabled.
>>================================================== ====================
>>Performing Agent Accelerated backup
>>Media Name: "GFS Differential Backup"
>>Backup of "\\KLINGER\D$ "
>>Backup set #1 on storage media #1
>>Backup set description: "GFS Differential Backup"
>>Backup Type: DIFFERENTIAL - Changed Files
>>Backup started on 1/11/00 at 7:46:05 AM.
>>Backup completed on 1/11/00 at 7:46:25 AM.

>I have the progress indicators for backup jobs option turned off, so
>it's not prescanning devices. Catalogs are disk based, not storage

>The job is set to overwrite media and is using the Normal method.
>Block sizes for the quantum drive are at defaults (32K each).
>Anyone seen this before? Anyone have any ideas?
>Corey Betka