Its a hardware alert, ECC-code repair is at an eccessive rate, lots of
bits on the tape.
Do not use the tape anymore also in its possibly a dirty head.
The Tape Alert feature inside the tape drive is sending the alert to
Run the cleaning tape, 5 times or so, if the cleaning finishes in
note that the cleaning tape is finished.
HPs recommendations on head cleaning:
DDS-3.....every 25h of running tape
DDS-4.....every 50h of running tape

Hope this helps

"andre" wrote in message
> Cleaned the drive more than a few times.
> A few different tapes.
> Performance on one of my drive is greatly reduced. Only 8Mb or less.
> Trying to figure out if it's hardware or software or both.
> Any insights is greatly appreciated.
> Ken Putnam wrote:
> >No specific hits on the Knowledge Base, but here are a few thoughts:
> >Try running a cleaning tape a couple of times
> >Is this just one tape, or every new tape?
> >
> >Are the tapes the correct type for your drive (ie are you trying to
> >use DDS-3 tapes in a DDS-2 drive?
> >
> >andre wrote:
> >
> >> I get this error message even with a brand new tape:
> >>
> >> ----- TapeAlert Events -----
> >>
> >> Warning
> >> Device: COMPAQ 0 (MS1)
> >> The tape drive is having problems writing data. No data has been

> but
> >> there has been a reduction in the capacity of the tape.
> >>
> >> Critical
> >> Device: COMPAQ 0 (MS1)
> >> Your data is at risk:
> >> 1. Copy any data you require from this tape.
> >> 2. Do not use this tape again.
> >> 3. Restart the operation with a different tape.
> >>
> >> I am just trying to figure out if this is a hardware and/or tape

> >> Any insights is greatly appreciated.

> >