I've been running 3 ADIC 218's (2 DLT's each) off of a Compaq Proliant
Like Ken said, they can be memory hogs. Other than that, I have had no
running 200+ Gb backups concurrently. Throughput's about 100-160 Mb/Min.

Ken Putnam wrote:
>I don't have a library, but I've got a server with two standalone
>DLT7000s on it. I run concurrent backups on these two drives
>(connected to the Compaq On-Board Ultra2 controller) and have
>not noticed any reduction in through-put conpared to similar single
>tape drive systems (I've got 8 servers running BENT, all with
>external DLTs connected.)
>One thing to be carefull of if you want to run concurent jobs. BENT
>is a memory hog. From personal experience, you need at least 64 MB
>of RAM per tape drive over and above any other system requirements,
>and 96 per drive is better.
>Dan Oremba wrote:
>> I am currently using 1 DLT7000 drive in a Scalar 218 DLT Library.
>> I am running WinNT4.0, SP5, Backup Exec 7.2 Rev.1223. I am

>> adding a second DLT7000 drive to my library or possibly a DLT8000.
>> I have to backup close to 200 Gb and it is taking 15+ hours.
>> Has anyone had any luck with adding a second DLT7000 or DLT8000 to
>> a library? Are the transfer rates what the manufacturers claim?
>> thanks
>> Dan