You should upgrade to V7.01 build 1616, the last free upgrade for
This response I got form a guy in UK, and it worked:

V7 users. Download the files BNT72I03.EXE and BNT72ACC.EXE and
expand them both in the same empty directory. Don't juist run
"setup", as this will try to install V7.2, and won't accept your V7
serial number(s).

Instead, run "setup -fsetup701.ins"

"Jaime Castells" wrote:
>Our NT4 (w/ SP5) server runs BE 7.0 rev 727. It appears that

>closing the interactive BE app causes a Dr Watson form beserver.exe

>the error message "access violation (0xc0000005), address: 0x78008bf4.

>not certain that the error is directly linked with closing the app.

>on previous experience, I tried removing the catalog files, but that

>not solve the problem.