Mishka was right on with this one. It was a conflict between
and the MS Intellipoint drivers. As soon as I disabled MS Wheel and ran
the setup, everything went smoothly.

The setup program we were using to install agents was utilizing a 16-bit
version of InstallShield - probably InstallShield Express v2.03. This
where the problem came from. My understanding is that later versions
correct this issue - the fact that I ended up with an earlier version in
the setup program was just luck I suppose...

Steven Bennett wrote:
>If it *is* an issue with InstallShield, it's long since been fixed. We

>InstallShield 5.5 for our installers and never have any problems like

>-->Steve Bennett
>Mishka wrote:
>> As I have found out this is a problem with the install sheild
>> part of the installation. I do not know where, but there is a

>> on
>> install sheild's web site about a conflict between install sheild and
>> MSWheel
>> or MS Intellepoint mouse drivers. To corect this the easiest thing

>> to
>> reboot your 98 box in safe mode. Then install the agent. You can
>> also remove
>> all the intellepoint drivers and SW but this seems hanious at best.
>> If you
>> do though, you can reinstall the SW after you install the agent and
>> reboot
>> in normal mode.
>> "Ryan Bolender" wrote:
>> >
>> >I am running Backup Exec v7.2 on an NT 4.0 server and am attempting

>> to get
>> >agents installed on all client PC's. Most of the installations went

>> without
>> >incident and showed up on the server side. However, the

>> has
>> >failed for some reason on a few others. The failure occurs almost

>> soon
>> >as the install is started, and locks up the machine. I receive a

>> message
>> >reading "Isinst30 caused a general protection fault in module

>> _ins0433._mp
>> >at 001d:00003935". In all cases, the machines with this error are

>> running
>> >Win98.
>> >
>> >I would appreciate it if anyone has an idea of why this is

>> happenning.