As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with HP drives. I've been
an assortment of HP DDS drives for quite some time now (the oldest is
3 years). Outside of running the cleaning tape every once and again,
never had any problems. No damaged or unreadable tapes, no hardware
nothing. Installation is a snap, too.

I don't currently use any autoloaders at my location, but I have several
colleagues who swear by them. Hope this helps.

"Dan Oremba" wrote:
>I need to buy an new DDS 3 or 4 tape drive for one of my sites.
>I am considering the following:
>-HP 24x6 Autoloader DDS 3
>-HP DDS 4 External
>-Sony DDS 3 TSL-S9000 Autoloader
>I will be using Backup Exec Ver 7.0 on WinNT 4.0, sp4 on a Dell
>PowerEdge server.
>Does anyone have any comments or experiences (good or bad)
>with the above options?
>I have been through about 12 bad Seagate DDS 3 tape drives on my
>30 sites, so I am not going to buy another Seagate tape drive.