The following change had to be made to allow remote administration
of the Seagate Backup Exec. In other words, to allow a remote
workstation to control backups and restores.

After installing the client software for Backup Exec 7.2 on another
workstation on the LAN, we were obtaining the following error:
Password Database Error: Open Failed

Following instructions of TechNote 191573 from, the
change was made:

1. The user FSB_BACKUP, who is the one that launches the
Backup Exec services on SFNT01, was made a part of the Domain Admins
****NOTE: if your server processes are launched
by "System", you do not need to do this

2. Using REGEDT32.exe, the following key was opened:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\SecurePipeServers\w

3. Click on Security | Permissions on the menu

4. Add Domain Admins and specify Full Control

5. User FSB_BACKUP (or whoever launches the backup services)
is added to Domain Admins.

5. Logged off as Administrator from SFNT01, and logged back in.

Now the client software on a remote workstation works as expected.
If the client asks for a user name and password, provide the following:

Password: (the password for that user)
Domain: (whatever domain the backup server is in)

"Alex Luz" wrote:
>I'm getting the error "Password database error: Open failed" ONLY when

>Backup Exec with a NT AT COMMAND line.
>I went to the Veritas page, and read TechNote ID: 010-100300 and

>However, it didn't help at all. And I am still getting this error.
>Can someone help me please ?
>Thanks a lot .
>Alex A. Luz .