I have 3 problems with BackupExec 7.3 Single Server for WinNT, otherwise
is working good for me.

1) Update virus files fails with Unable to locate virus update file at
specified FTP directory. Virus Update aborted.

2) How do you set up email? We use imap or pop and SMTP for email, not
Microsoft exchange. I tried installing MS Outlook Express but it didn't
work. OE doesn't have profiles, so I don't know what to enter for the
profile name. Perhaps I will try Outlook 2000 next.

3) I can't see any of my Unix agents under Backup Exec Agents in the
Selections page. I think I know the answer to this one, only supported
Multi-server edition right? If so which upgrade do I buy to go from 7.3
to 7.3 MSE. I saw egghead had a Backup Exec 7.3 multi-server version
upgrade, will that work?

Any help will be appreciated.

Jeremy Bettis