"Kevin Hefferon" wrote:
>I can not select the file I need to restore because the
>selection box is grayed out. I look at the logs for the
>backup and it says successfully backup. I try just to
>highlight the selection that I can not check and it
>restores 200 bytes and again successfully finished. Why
>would this happen. We have the ofo. This is file is an
>mdb access database.
>Also I have gone back to July of this year and everyday
>I ran the backup the restore screen still has this file
>grayed out. What can I do? How do I fix this from
>happening in the future?

This is just a wild guess, but how is your "backup open files"
setting configured in your job? The default is never backup open files
if the database is left open all the time it will never get backed up.
a shot in the dark.