To Janeen and Kathy,

We have a Compaq 1850 with 8 Compaq DLT 35/70 drives running
v7.3 build 2575, upgraded from v7.2 then v7.3 2570, experiencing
the same problems when using the BE Agent Accelerator on the
clients. We are backing up numerous servers that are attached
to a Compaq StorageWorks box - around 500GB total. One server
takes about 14 hours to backup without the BEAA. A real
frustrating situation if the job fails at 13 hours and 59
minutes into it.

I've applied every recommended fix from Veritas and have had
no success. There doesn't seem to be any hardware similarities
here that we can attribute it to.

The restarting of the BE Job Engine service will get things
running again.... but again.... these jobs take too long to make
that a workaround. I'm starting to think ArcServe about now....

Chuck Elbel
BFGoodrich Aerospace
Aerostructures Group
Phone/Fax (619) 691-2149

"Janeen Carter" wrote:
>Kathy, we're running v7.3, and upgraded from revision 2570 to
>2575 on a Dell 6300 server with a single DLT7000 tape drive
>attached to the server. With both revisions we are having the
>same problem. I discovered that the Dr. Watson occurs when the
>Agent Accelerator is running. However, I am able to restart the
>Job Engine service and rerun the job without rebooting the server.
>The job will complete, but will take much longer without Agent
>Accelerator running. This is our workaround until finding a
>solution to the problem.
>"Kathy Fernandez" wrote:
>>I upgraded from v7.1 to v7.3 on a proliant 5000 with two 15 cartridge

>>libraries. Since then I have been receiving Dr. Watson errors

>>the bengine.exe file. I installed revision 2575 yesterday, still

>>This does stop the service and no backups will run until the server is

>>Starting the service does not fix the problem.