In regards to the files being skipped, I think the problem might be that
you are doing a full backup of the drive (in our case e$) in which
is installed. The .edb files are a form of databases, pub.edb being the
information store and priv.edb being the private information store. He's
how we fixed the same problem. Under job selections (in BENT) and under
computer name and drive where Exchange is installed, remove the check
the folder \exchsrvr (you should also see three folders in here called
\mdbdata, and mtadata.) Now make sure a check is placed next to the
Exhange Directory, Microsoft Exchange Information Store, and the
Hope this helps,
"Rodey" wrote:
>I'm trying to restore a mailbox but no luck. I'm following what the
>the Admin book is saying but I'm not sure if i'm missing something.
>1. User NT account is active.
>2. Backup account as Admin rights
>3. MSEXCHANGEA service is running.
>What are the exact step for recovering a single mailbox on the Exchange

>server. Backupexec software is not running on Exchange Server.
>I'm little afraid to ask this question. In my backup, I'm getting
>somes files that are skipped like exchsrvr\MDBDATA\PUB.EDB and
>exchsrvr\MDBDATA\PRIV.EDB just to name somes. Could these files
>has anything to do with my problem.
>Thanks for the help