Actually, you can with the command line utility and AT. It is option
You'll need a recent build to do this (2570+)


"Ken Putnam" wrote in message
> As of V7.3, you cannot schedule an inventory.
> You could alway use the AT command (or the new Task Scheduler)
> and run the BESTOP and BESTART cmd files from the \UTILS
> directory form the install media.
> (You may have to play around with the order of the NET STOP
> commands so that you don't get any "This will also stop XXX do
> you want to continue?" messages.
> Carolyn Hammons wrote:
> > Is there a way to schedule an Inventory job to run? I am running BE

> > b2575 using an ATL and it seems to think the previous day's tapes

are in
> > magazine. I don't want to have the Operations staff launch Backup

> > day just so the inventory will run (so the inventory drives on

> > option will inventory the drives), but that sounds like the only way

> > it to work.