Hi - couple of quick questions:

Is the VncSnapshot service supposed to stop after a backup is complete?
It is set to Manual startup. We have 100-odd servers, and sometimes I see
the service is stopped, sometimes it's started. I gather BE controls the
service itself.

Reason I ask: I just had a problem this morning with a server where a job
was aborted several days ago, and it appears this fouled up OFO. The snapshot
directory filled up with SSS files and OFO failed last night because it couldn't
initialise any more. I couldn't stop VncSnapshot (internal error 2140),
and when I killed it, it appears to have released the SSS files and they
have since been deleted automatically. Does this normally happen automatically?
If so, does it happen whether or not VncSnapshot gets stopped after a backup?

I understand there's a process which checks for undeleted SSS files older
than 7 days (by default), and wipes them. On this particular server, 7 days
is too long if a job fails/aborts - the disk with the snapshots will fill
up in four or five days. I believe there's a registry value (HKLM\Software\Vinca\Snapshot\Config\MaxLifeTime)
which can be set to reduce this cleanup period - can anyone confirm this?
I'd like to reduce it to 2 or 3 days.

Thanks in advance!