We recently upgraded from Backup Exec for NT v7.2 to 7.3 rev 2570.

We have OFO for NT and the Netware agent installed. We would like to backup
open files on Netware v4.11 servers and have purchased Backup Exec for Netware
Options (SBE-NWOF-0001). The question is how to install this. We have looked
at TechNote ID 191559 but it is not entirely clear. We have done Steps 1
and 2.

When we insert the CD from the SBE-NWOF-0001 package it gives 3 options

Backup Exec for Netware 8.5
Backup Exec for Netware 7.5

We are having trouble intrepreting Step 4 and 5.

Any help would be appreciated.