I'm running BEx 7.3 with OFO on an NT network. The backups include the file/mail
server/PDC at the local office and the 4 file server/BDCs at remote locations.
Three of the BDCs back up fine, however the 4th will consistently 'fall'
off of the WAN.
The log shows that there were no viruses found during the initial virus check,
but that BEx was unable to locate 'domainname'. The BDC in question does
have about the highest workload of all the BDCs, but not that much more than
one of the other locations, as they both run databases. The backup is run
afterhours, so that doesn't seem like that would make much difference anyway.

Could there be some issue between BEx and the database app?
Have others run into similar problems?
Any help is greatly appreciated,