We are running BE7.3 Latest Bld on 3 Dual PII 400's Intel N440BX mother boards.
Adaptec AAA131 Raid controllers with 5-9 gig Seagate drives. Winnt 4.0 Server
Service pack 6a. 256mb ram. Seagate AIT 50 tape drives upgraded to the 70gig
firmware on the on board SCSI chain by it's self.

Until recently we have had only minor problems with BE (after 70gig firmware
upgrade). Lately Scheduled jobs (same configuration since day one of install)have
been running behind. We also get an unusual number of the following Eventviewer
errors: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Tape0

I'm pretty sure all SCSI conventions are being followed (except for the fact
that the Drives are on ID 0...on the SYMbios controller onboard N440BX) and
the only major upgrades have been Service Pack 6a and the 70gig firmware
upgrade on the Seagate AIT tapes. We are still using the original 50gig tapes
(70's are still hard to come by).

Anyone else having this type of problem? If so what kinds of corrections
were made/looked at?

Thanks in advance. Mr. Bill : )