Go into Job Definitions and open up backup job properties. Select the "Selections"
tab and change to text version. Proceed to edit each line there replacing
the computer's netbios name with it's IP address. This may require you to
insert a new line, deleting the old one...Worked for me...

Take a look at this MS article:
Worldwide Support
Multiple Credentials in a Single Windows NT Session

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation version 4.0
Microsoft Windows NT Server version 4.0


Windows NT allows users to connect to multiple resources using multiple user
credentials but only allows a single user to use a connection.

If you attempt to connect to the same resource with different credentials,
you will get an error message stating that the credentials supplied conflict
with an existing
set of credentials. If you attempt this operation from an MS-DOS command
line, you receive the following error:

System error 1219 has occurred.

Windows NT will attempt to use the same virtual circuit even if a different
set of credentials is supplied because the resource name is identical.

Provide the TCP/IP address of the computer instead of the computer name.

It is possible to use multiple user credentials to connect to the same resource
on Windows NT when TCP/IP is used as the protocol to establish the connection.

If you connect to the same resource but use the TCP/IP address of the host
instead of the computer name, you will be able to connect to the same resource

with a different set of credentials.


C:\>net use * \\dabears\utils /U:raydev
C:\>net use * \\\utils /U:administrator

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