I am having a problem with Backup Exec 7.2 build 1616 for Windows NT 4.0
Server SP5.

On Friday night, the server begins a full backup. The job runs through the
first tape and then asks for a second tape. Monday morning, I insert the
second tape into the drive so the backup job can finish. The backup job
completes successfully, and then Backup Exec asks for the first tape again
so it can run a verify operation. When I put the first tape back in the
drive, I receive two error messages: "Media is unrecognized" and "Please
remove the media from the drive." At this point, the only thing I can do is
abort the backup job, shut down the server, let it sit for a minute or two,
and then boot it up again. If I stop and restart the Backup Exec services
or do a warm reboot of the server, the tape drive will not function
properly. Any tape that I put in the drive is listed as "Bad Media" on the
Devices tab, and if I put a tape in the drive and try to run a backup job, I
get the "Please remove the media from the drive" error.

This error message does not occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
mornings when the backup job has only been idle for a few hours.

We replaced the tape drive in late December, but that didn't help.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem or how I can correct it?

Philip McNaull
Ashland City Schools