I have a situation where I am trying to perform some test restores to
ensure that the backups are working properly. I am using Microsoft SQL
Server 7.0, and BENT 7.3 with the SQL agent.

I am constantly getting the following error message when I attempt to
Restore a Backed up SQL Database:

"Backup set #3 on storage media #2

An error occurred on a query to database Test_Restore_Tax.
SQL Server returned the following error message:

An internal consistency error occurred. Contact Technical Support for

Restore completed on 12/11/99 at 4:19:26 PM.
1 item was skipped.

Does anyone know what this error message really means?? What causes
it?? I am trying to pin-point the problem, and I am unable to. Is this
error message from the SQL Server side, or the BENT side??

I have tried different databases, different tapes, different scenarios.
Sometimes I can restore without a problem, but most times (4 out of 5) I
get the above error message, and the restore is aborted.

I don't think that is the tapes (I have tried different ones), I don't
think its the database (I have tried different ones), I don't think its
the process as I have been able to restore databases, just not very
often. The only other thing that I have noted is that these are large
databases ranging from 10GB - 50GB.

When I did my initial testing (when I installed everything), I simply
used the pubs database as a sample, which of course is very small
(1MB). I never had (and still don't) have any problems restoring the
PUBS database. Could there be something wrong with restoring large

I wouldn't have thought so, but I cannot think of anything else.

I have done sample restores for files (which are also on the same tapes
as the SQL Databases) and have never had an errors or problems. Which
tells me that it is something to do with either SQL or the Backup

If anyone has any suggestions, or can point me in a direction, I would
really appreciate it.