Hi there.

I have a quite strange problem with restoring a SQL 6.5 database. I'm using
BE 7.3 (2575) on a NT 4.0 (SP5) server, which is backing up my SQL 6.5 (SP3)
DB-server. Restoring to the server itselfes works perfectly, but redirection
to a remote server won't work....It will go from 1 to 99 % in less than 20
seconds and make the DB corrupt.. However, if I move my streamer to the remote
server directly, it will run like a charm....I'm puzzled. I have checked
rights and all kinds of stuff in this direction. Furthermore I have had this
problem earlier with BE 7.0 (554 and up) but havent had the time to dig into
the problem, as I just moved the streamer to the server in question.
Any help would be HIGHLY appriciated !

System Administrator
Euro-Alarm A/S