In article <3850f6b9@hronntp01.?>, Christine Lapping
>Over the years I have spent many a happy (!) hour on the phone to Seagate
>(as they then were) and we never had to pay, except in high phone bills
>because of the length of time it can take to get through to speak to
>someone. I'm surprised they can not deal with it via email as the service
>I've had from them via Seamus Jeffs has been exemplary.

Using that address now is a waste of time - NSMG has been sold to
Veritas. It may still get through to Veritas, if the person you mention
still works for Veritas, but since the sale, the setup of BENT support
has changed.

I would be very surprised if company policy allowed individual members
of support staff to answer tech support questions that haven't got
through the pay per incident / service contract route.

As it happens, I have the private email address of one of the senior
BENT support people in the States, but it's his wish that I don't give
out his details or forward third-party questions to him.

Meanwhile, the pay per incident / service contract system hasn't yet
spread to the UK, so Ken should be able to get free phone support via
Veritas UK. However, as I've said in another post, I think he should be
talking to Quantum anyway.

David Wood (note change of address)
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