In article <3850e529@hronntp01.?>, Ken McNulty> writes
>I'm running BE Single Server 72. build 1119 (we're always way behind in li'l
>ol' ingerland, the pond's quite wide). If I try using NT Backup to restore a
>BE tape that was written on a Quantum 4000 20/40 GB DLT, I get a message
>telling me that it's a foreign tape and needs to be erased before it can be
>used. However, if I write the tape on a Digital TZ88 20/40 GB DLT using BE,
>I can subsequently restore it using NT Backup. I have tried this every
>which way with different servers, drivers, tapes, drives, version 7.3 build
>2371, hardware compresssion on and off, and always get the same result; TZ88
>OK, 4000 no go.

What's different in the two configurations - only your tape drive. So,
have you asked Quantum if there's any firmware upgrades available for
your 4000 DLT?

>One curious thing, though. I said I wasn't using software compression. I'm
>not. At least not knowingly. But I'm a little curious as to how I manage to
>get 60GB saved (at least, "Processed") on one 20/40 GB tape, using hardware
>compression alone.

It sounds like the hardware compression or something else in the drive
firmware may be broken if this is happening - unless your data can
compress at 3:1 (which is very rare unless it's highly repetitive).

I think Veritas probably aren't the right people to ask - Quantum
probably are.

David Wood (note change of address)
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