I just installed a trial version of Backup Exec to
see how it works.

I have two questions on how to config the software:

1. When I setup a user defined share for a NT server
on a diffrent network, I use: \\serverip\c$
as the address. However, I couldn't connect to remote
NT server with the right user name and password.
I kept getting user name and password screen.
The remote server is configured as workgroup NT server.
The user name I used was: administrator
The password was password for user administrator.
I know these are correct username and password.

2. I have DLT autoloader. The autoload has 7 slot each
can house a DLT tape. When I create a job ( a backup job)
I will need to select a device name. The only choice
I have is quantum 0 which refers to our autoloader.
Is there anyway that I can use tape slot name as device