I cant't seem to get the agent for Lotus Domino installed on the remote server.
I have a BackupExec 7.3 bld 2575 REVISED server that I use to backup my other
Nt servers on the LAN.

I am trying to install the Agent for Lotus Domino, but with no success.

I have done the following: Start,Programs,Veritas,Backup Exec,Additional
Options, Install options on a remote server, etc..

I have supplied the appropriate module serial number. However after supplying
the requested Domain, Server and account details, the installation begins
and then stops with a information dialog window with the following message
"Unable to open the registry key. D:\Tahiti-BECOM\BEComBinder\CoBESetup.cpp(48).

I have also tried rebooting the remote server, but the agent is not installed
. Could anyone please assist me with this problem.

Much appreciated in advance.

Kind regards
John Mclean