BENT V7.2 (Build 1616) backing up a Netware V5 (SP3a-latest as of 12/6/99)
server can return error:
"Novell SMS errors:
Error 0x8e occurred while the program attempted to scan information that
is specific to the NFS name space of..."
Even more important, in trying to restore a file so referenced:
"Novell SMS errors:
Beginning and ending FIDs for ... do not match." and it does not restore
the file.

I have the BENT Netware Agent. The latest TSA NLMs are loaded on the Netware
server. The Netware user account used for the backups has sufficient privileges.

Here are some interesting observations.
1) The files referenced are used OK by the Netware users.
2) These are not open files at the time of backup.
3) The problem has developed through time, referencing additional files that
were not involved in the problem earlier.
4) Even though the backup error occurs, the file is entered into the BENT
database as having been backed up; they can be chosen for Restore in the
5) There are no NDS backup errors.

Both Veritas and Novell acknowledge this problem, with Novell suggesting
a VREPAIR. There is nothing wrong with the volume or these files. Also, the
suggestion of moving the files and then moving them back is unacceptable.
There are too many, and it could not be done as soon as the problem showed

Any ideas?

Ken "Backups are your friend" Johnson