I too had many problems getting the OFO option to work properly.
I checked out tech support and the newsgroups, tried all of the
upgrades, patches & suggestions to no avail. Everything looked
ilke it should work - but it didn't. Checked out the VNCSnapshot
Service and found it was loging in as a System Account. Changed
the service to log on as administrator, stopped & restarted the
VNCSnapshot service, and the errors went away. Hope this helps!

"g. jithesh" wrote:
>BENT 7.3
>build 2570
>I am getting this message for few of my servers running
>OFO though I have enough free space as per the
>"OFO: Not enough disk space on device running OFO
>to create or increment the static volume"
>Any help ??
>Another error that I get with OFO is
>OFO: Win32 error. Initialization error
>Thanx & Rgds