I too had many problems getting the OFO option to work properly.
I checked out tech support and the newsgroups, tried all of the
upgrades, patches & suggestions to no avail. Everything looked
ilke it should work - but it didn't. Checked out the VNCSnapshot
Service and found it was loging in as a System Account. Changed
the service to log on as administrator, stopped & restarted the
VNCSnapshot service, and the errors went away. Hope this helps!

"Adelino Pereira" wrote:
>We have a compaq proliant 3000 with NT Server 4.0 SP5 and a SAP R/3 40b

>Oracle. This error append in disk D every time we do a backup. this disk
>have 34% of free space (3024 MB):
>"OFO: Not enough disk space on device running OFO to ctreate or increment
>the static volume. A minimum 0f available disk space to start the OFO operation
>is needed; during the backup, 10 percent of the capacity of the disk must
>be free.
>OFO: Error during backup. Set has been aborted."
>Thanks in advance.
>Best regards.
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