We've recently switched from BENW (an old 5.x version) to BENT 7.3, build
2570, and have run into a fairly major showstopper. The NT version fails to
find over half of our Windows 9x machines. We're using the latest Win9x
Agent, and all of the agents are configured using IPX/SPX.

If I switch the agents to TCP/IP and setup TCP/IP on the backup server (a
solution recommended in the manual...), the agents become visible, but this is
an unacceptable solution - we deliberately keep TCP/IP off of our servers as a
security precaution and limit ALL of our server access to use IPX/SPX only -
TCP/IP traffic can enter and leave the building in a variety of ways, but
IPX/SPX does not.

Does anyone know a different solution to this problem? Why would this work
with some machines but not others?

-->Steve Bennett