In article <3847f7dc@hronntp01.?>, Dieter Pfeiffer
>When installing Backup Exec V7.3 for NT Single Server on Win NT 4.0 server
>(BDC with SP4 installed), the installation program prompts me for the service
>account and accepts the username, etc. But when the installation program
>attempts to start the services I get the following error (or no error!):
> The Backup Exec 7.x Notification Server service
> failed to start due to the following error:
> The operation completed succesfully
> Select Retry to re-enter the account data, or
> Cancel to cancel the installation.


>Anybody know a workaround here?

I've seen this bizarre symptom before. The only way I got around it is
to reboot the server and then reinstall.

David Wood
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