In article <384808d1@hronntp01.?>, Bryan Heritage
>I had a backup server that was causing me problems. When it would run the
>Lotus Notes Database backup many times it would fail and shutdown Domino
>on my server. Now I decided to get rid of the backup server and run BE on
>my Notes server. I did the install which worked great, but the agent
>isn't on it.

That's correct - you don't want the Agent Accelerator on a machine
running BENT.

> Now I can't select any of the Notes databases on my Notes server
>where BE now resides for backup. When I try to open the Lotus Databases BE
>just hangs for hours trying to open them. It never times out or gives me
>an error... nothing. This is really frustrating.

I've never used the Notes/Domino option, but IIRC it relies on some kind
of modified Open File Option.

Before doing anything else, reinstall the Notes/Domino option, and
review TechNote 010-102297 at <
wnt/010--102297.htm> if relevant to your system.

Apart from suggesting the Notes chapter in the BENT Options manual, I'm
afraid I can't help you further.

David Wood
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