Hi there. We are trying to restore read-only files and are getting "access
denied" message when doing so. Any ideas why?

Below is the an excerpt from the error log that details the problem....

Many thanks for any help!!

Rich Makkay


Job Operation - Restore
================================================== ====================
Restoring data to \\GRAY_AE\Restored .

Storage Media #1: " Media created 12/01/99 09:28:07 PM "
Backup performed on 12/1/99 at 9:59 PM
Backup set #2: " Backup 0318 "
Restore started on 12/1/99 at 10:12:47 PM.
Access denied to file
\Projects\98092\RecordDwgs_Step1\DRAWINGS\ELEC\568 7E403.DWG.
Error writing file data.
Access denied - unable to restore file 5687E404.DWG.
Access denied - unable to restore file 5687E405.DWG.