When installing Backup Exec V7.3 for NT Single Server on Win NT 4.0 server
(BDC with SP4 installed), the installation program prompts me for the service
account and accepts the username, etc. But when the installation program
attempts to start the services I get the following error (or no error!):

The Backup Exec 7.x Notification Server service
failed to start due to the following error:
The operation completed succesfully
Select Retry to re-enter the account data, or
Cancel to cancel the installation.

As the message itself says, the service have been installed! If I switch
over to control panel and look at Services, I can see that all the Backup
Exec service are installed - but I cannot continue the installation as the
error just keeps coming back no matter what account data I enter. Of course,
if I choose cancel, the installation program quits and REMOVES the installed

Anybody know a workaround here?