I have an SBS server version 4.5 SP-4 w/Backup Exec 7.3.
The tape is Travan V, IDE.

It works for days and days and then suddenly stops running.
The error is and ATAPI error and we get an event in the system log about not
being able to find the device.
We reboot the server and everything is fine for a number of days and then
the problem starts again.

We have replaced the tape drive and cable with a known good drive and cable.
It still gives the error. We took the tape drive from the machine that does
this and put it in another machine and haven't had an error with the drive -
so we know its not the drive or cable.

Nothing fancy is running on the server. They use Exchange; don't use SQL
and have NO internet connections. Its really just a file server.

The BIOS is set for AUTO for this device and the unit is a Master w/a CD-ROM
as slave. This is a configuration we regularly use.

Anyone have any ideas??

-Ronald L. Herold
Small Office Solutions
(703) 573-2222/63 (phone/fax)
ronsolves@rrr.org (e-mail)