Running BE9.2 Build 1401.5 with SSO & LEO on NetWare 6.5/SP6.

After applying NetWare 6.5 SP6, we began having trouble with the
reservation system in BE. It started out happening just occasionally.
A secondary media server would make a reservation, seemingly without
registering the reservation with the primary media server.

Over the next week or so, the problem became more frequent. We had
some infrastructure changes coming up, so we waited to see if that had
anything to do with the problem.

We put in new fibre channel switches and new HBAs. Also replace all
the fibre cables.

This actually seemed to make the problem worse. Now we couldn't get
more than one media server to start up. The second one would hang on

Rolling back SP6 was not an option, but reinstalling BE was. Tried
that. Seemed to improve the situation at first, but over the course of
a day it got progressively worse again.

Despite the fact that the media servers did communicate with each
other, it seemed as if the root of the problem lay in communications.
Tried different NICs, switch ports, cables, etc. Nothing seemed to

Began scouring the Novell Support site to see if anybody else had come
across this problem. No luck.

Looked at the patch list and found WSOCK6L.EXE. The symptoms described
in this beta patch did not match what we were experiencing, but in
desperation it was installed anyway. Lo and behold -- it worked! So
it was a TCP communications problem, after all.

Maybe this helps somebody else.