NetWare 6.x, Backup Exec 9.2 Revision 1401

We backup a Windows 2003 SP2 Server named "AR"
using the Windows Agent. Backup runs successfully
to a Backup-to-Disk Media.

When we select the restore Option to restore
some data the Media is Named "Media Created
30.07.07 16:03" and the backup source is
"(CL1.NetWare File System\SYS -Mon Jul 30 16:03:36 ..."

The elements in the right row show the Windows
file system under C:\.
But CL1 is definitely a NetWare Server in a cluister. And this
server has nothing to do with Backup. It is neither
a media server nor a name conflict in DNS or something like that.

Maybe it is only a cosmetic bug. But i expectd the
WIndows server under its Windows name !?