I'm having some problems using the Backup-2-Disc feature of Backup Exec 9.1.
My goal is to do daily incremental backups to disc and have BE automatically
reuse the disc files without forcing me to "erase" every file every week
or move the existing catalog entries in BE to the retired media, delete them
from the catalog, and then delete the B2D files off the hard drive. From
reading the manual and help files media that reaches the end of the overwrite
protection period should move into the recyclable media and from there be
available for BE to use (and I'm assuming without user intervention to erase
it). I've been trying different settings but so far haven't found the right
combination. What am I missing?

Tools > Options > Media Server Options > Media tab
-Media Overwrite Protection Level = None. The box is unchecked for prompt
before overwriting allocated or imported media.

-Media overwrite options = overwrite recyclable media ... before scratch

B2D media set overwrite protection = 6 days with infinite -allow append

Daily backup policy > Media Usage
append to media; overwrite if no appendable media available