Using B2D to backup first and then duplicate to tape.

Due to a change in latest BE code, if there's ANY error whatsoever,
duplicate job won't run.

So I get to run manual jobs now.

However, let's say full backup to disk runs on Sunday and has a
"failure" with one open file.

The "tape" shows up on the media list, I can see the actual "file" that
it writes to the server. It labels it as vL0000080 or something.

But, when I go to Jobs -> Duplicate -> Source Selections, I don't see
that "tape" anywhere. I see stuff from last week.

If I exit out of the java GUI (running on the server itself), do a
BESTOP and then a BESTART, then fire up the GUI again, all of a sudden I
see the "new" tapes.

Is this a known bug?