I just purchased an Exabyte VXA-320 packetloader and we are having trouble
configuring the rotation. I am using Backup Exec 9.1 for netware 6.5sp3.
I've searched all through the documentation, tech notes and forums but still
havent got any clearer on how to set up my backup rotation on BackupExec.

I want to be able to designate slots to perticular backup jobs.
For example; Monday for Slot 1, Tuesday-Slot2 and so on. Its a 10 tape
library and i will be using the first five for the daily backup. Slot 6 and
Slot 7 for email weekly backups.
I have setup policies and media sets for each slot and for each day but when
i try to start the rotation today (thursday-Slot4) it goes to Slot1.
Can i assign slots to backup jobs in Backup Exec 9.1? Any insight or help
would be greatly appreaciated.

Javier Medrano