Hi all

I'm trying to test IDR on Netware 6.5SP3 using a HP DAT72 bootable tape

I've run the BEDR command to create the boot image

Done the tape backup

Wiped the hard drives using the SCSI manager

Booted from the tape

It's created the DOS partition/formatted to and started to restore files

After sometime I get the following messages on the screen :-

Executing the commands in AUTOEXEC.NCF Please Wait
Restoring Novell Directory Service information
Please insert "NDS Recovery Files Disk #1"
into the 'C' drive
Error (Cross-Device Link) opening file "C:\NDSDATA.001"!
Esc to quit or any other key to continue

Anyone any ideas of what could be at fault here ? the KB does not seem to
contain any info about this problem ?


Andrew Kennard