We recently migrated from Netware 4.11 to 6.0SP5. We had Backupexec 7.5 on
old server (4.11) and have Backupexec 9.1-1154 on the 6.0 server. Backing
up and restoring on the 6.0 server is OK. If I try to restore files from
old server 4.11 backup (done with 7.5) to 6.0 server running backupexec
9.1, I get "insufficent privilage for file_name - skipped"
I tried to restore to a temp directory still the same thing, but it creates
all the folders and subfolders in the directory but does not restore the
files same error "insufficent privilage for file_name - skipped".
I am logging in as admin of TREE for the backup server

any ideas on how to get some of old files restored instead of restoring to
a workstation and copying over ?