I am having a problem getting a MR job to append to media.

My setup:

BE 9.1 in media management mode

Using a 6-slot autoloader

Media overwrite protection set to "Partial"

Media overwrite options set to "overwrite recyclable before scratch"

Media Rotation job set up to run Incrementals Mon-Thu and a Full on

Media set properties for all of the MR job's sets have the append
period set to infinite

I have a tape in slot 5 that is in the monthly media set. If I look
at the tape's statistics, I see that it has only had 2 GB written to
it (it is a 36/72GB tape), and it's append status is "Normal".

The job gives me an alert, saying that it needs overwritable media.

Am I missing something obvious? I know that some of the jobs are
appending, sometimes at least.

If it matters, I changed the append period to Infinite sometime after
I created the MR job (it was created with default values, which were
very short, like 1 day.)


-Jonathan Hankins

Jonathan Hankins Homewood City Schools