We have BE 9.1 build 11525
running on a NetWare 6.5server
We upgraded our tape drive to a dat72 a few months ago but just recently started using the Dat72 tapes.
We were using the DDS4 tapes and we were not getting this same error.
The first Dat72 tape I used was when this error started:
End of media reached.
This was after it wrote only 370MB of data
The rest of the week ran fine.
The next week was ok until this past Friday. Again I got an end of media error. This time it wrote 16GB.
Am I doing something wrong??
This did not start happening until I started using the Dat72 tapes.
When I look at the default media sets in the windows GUI under Media State it says Unappendable on the to dates this happened. All the others say normal.
The policy is set to overwrite each tape.
I did see a note about this having to be done at the server and not the GUI. I'm not sure where I set this because it was about a year ago.
I did check the policy on the server and it says the same thing that the GUI says, Overwrite.
Can anyone help me out?