Hi fellas,

I'm experiencing weird "small" abends (<1>) during backing up a NW 6
with BE 8.5. No comments on _this_ combo please. It is working
perfectly with some tuning of the selections and during the full
backup circles! (I've reported the how-to @ a Novell forum).

Full backup is done onto three tape/slots.

The used hardware: CPQ PL1600, Tandberg SLR1 tape changer connected to
one internal/onboard channel (SCSI-2) as single device.

IDs set up as first (4) changer, secend (5) tape drive.

To get rid of the da... queue errors (which were present on the NW 5,
too) the bestart.ncf has the debug switches added.

What's the diff with the differential backup? I know the difference
which files are backed up - but is BE handling different in a way that
may cause it to not release i.e some resources et al.?

Somewhat puzzled