My post operation complete "load netshld" so thought the job was
finished, but the tape did not eject. Looked into Active Jobs and my
Tues job was still active though showing 100% complete on verify and
trying to do a "Closing Media Drive". I cancelled the job, but it was
still active now showing 0% but not restarting. Cancelled the job
again and exited the system console, then did a bestop. besrvr failed
to unload. ejected the tape with the button and put in wed tape and
restarted with bestart, still active. Exited system console again and
checked monitor for open files, backupexec had besrvr.res open and I
could not clear. Probably will require a reboot, but cannot do that
anytime soon.
BE 9.1 Build 1127.1 , NW6.0SP5