I have BE 9.1.0307 installed in media management mode on a NW 6.5
server. The updated device driver set from Nov 30, 2003 is installed.
The tape drive is a Dell Powervault 120T (Sony TSL-11000) with a
magazine that holds 7 tapes and a cleaning cartridge.

After installing BE, marked slot 8 in the robot as a cleaning slot. I
put a magazine in the tape drive and inventoried the slots. Then I
labeled each tape. I ran some backups and they worked fine.

The problem comes when I want to switch to a new magazine of tapes. I
change the magazine and run an inventory of all 7 slots. I get the

"Slot 1 in HA:2 ID:4 LUN:0 DELL PV-120T-DDS4AL

Slot 2 in HA:2 ID:4 LUN:0 DELL PV-120T-DDS4AL
Cleaning media was found at slot 2 in robot HA:2 ID:4 LUN:1 DELL

Slot 3 in HA:2 ID:4 LUN:0 DELL PV-120T-DDS4AL"

At this point I get an alert that says there is media in the tape drive
and I need to physically remove it before the inventory can proceed. If
I eject the media and then answer "Y" to continue, I get the same alert.
So I have to answer "N" to stop the job. Then I have to go to slot 2
in the robot and unset the cleaning slot indicator.

The only way to get BE to work so far has been to shutdown BE, rename
the \BKUPEXEC\MM folder, and then restart BE. I can inventory all 7
slots and the backups work. But then I'm back to square one. If I
switch the magazine I'm starting all over again.

Is there something about media management mode I'm not getting and/or
should I reinstall and use partition management?


Hank Greer