Backup Exec 9.0 build 4202 runningon NetWare 6.0 SP2.

Backup of NetWare servers is good. I also back up three Windows servers and
a Windows 2000 workstation. Two of the servers are Compaq DL380s. Of these,
one is a G2 running Windows 2000 Server and the other is a G3 running Windows
2003 Server. The other server is an Intel server running Windows 2000 Server.

The fastest of the Windows servers (in terms of backup speed) is the Intel
server. The C: drive backs up at 86 MB/min, but the E: drive, which hosts
a SQL database, backs up at 46.9 MB/min.

The DL380 G2, running 2000 Server, backs up the C: drive at 21.3 MB/min and
the E: drive at 16.2 MB/min.

The DL380 G3, running 2003, backs up the C: drive at 78.5 MB/min and the
D: drive at 68.5 MB/min.

The workstation backs up at 56.7 MB/min.

The Intel server and the 2003 server are in the same room (different building
from the backup server) and the DL380 G2 running 2000 Server is plugged into
the same switch as the backup server.

Why these discrepancies in backup speeds? Why the differences in speed between
drives in the same server? All backups take place at night when nothing else
is going on.

The slowest of the NetWare servers backs up at 99 MB/min, but it is only
314 MB. Of the larger drives, the slowest is 122 MB/min and the fastest is
218 MB/min. All the others average over 130 MB/min. What gives?

Richard White CNE6