I have some problems regarding media management.
At present, most backup jobs are not able to run because of the following
or similar errors.
Media 1 of family 2f6b0273 has been detected.
Please insert media -1 with media label ' ' media description '
' created on ' ' of family 2f6b0273 into the drive 'HA:0 ID:4
LUN:0 TANDBERG SUPERDLT1' for the job 'Mandag-2' of 'BACKUP'
operation. Press Y to continue operation....

To get the job going I have to search all the media records for entries with
family 2f6b0273, move the media to the scratch set, and then I can tell it
to continue the job.
At least that's what I usually had to do. But lately this approach has not
worked each time. In that case I end up cancelling the job. :-(

I used to have two media sets with differing "allow owerwrite" settings,
but now I have changed this to one media set and this is configured to allow
owerwrite and append at all times. This was because I thought owerwrite settings
was deniying the job to use my tapes.

A non critical, but annoying problem we're having is that when I schedule
a job from the workstation console, the scheduled time changes when I submit
it. When using the server console, this usually don't happen. I use "day-month-year"
and 24 hour formats...

Hope sombody can help me!

Regards, Christer Jakobsen
Kopinor, Norway