I have a client with 2 servers - the older one is a dell poweredge and the
newer is a gateway 960. Both servers have external HP DAT drives connected
to Adaptec SCSI cards - DDS3 for DEll, DDS4 for Gateway.

Since updating to SP3 the Gateway has had one problem after another - currently
abends when looking at either file system or NDS - can't exit client - have
to reboot - No matches at Novell or Veritas for abend information. Error
code: 00000000 - This is after deleting backup exec and re-installing have
recreated smdr a couple fo times, no help. Have sbcon running (after recreating
smdr and qman).
Trying to fix smdr may have contributed to license problem which took cal
to Novell to fix. Had to install a beta patch for licensing on both servers.
These problems so far have affectred only the gateway server - which is
newer and runs the ACT! database the client relies on.

Server specs:
Both Servers:
Netware Small Business 6, SP3 with Post SP3 license patch
St. Bernard Open File Manager
Bakup Exec 9

Gateway - 2 GB RAM, dual p4 2.2, 36 GB hard drive raid 5, 2 NICs - both 192.168.x.x,
adaptec scsi to hp DAT40 external tape drive (on lowest setting speed - 10
mbs). 2 volumes - sys - NSS and Data - traditional (for ACT!)

Dell - 1 GB ram, dual p3 1.2, 18 gb hard drive, 2 nics - 1 public, 1 private
192.168.x.x, Adaptec SCSI to External HP DAT24 - Groupwise - MTA, POA, GWIA,
WebAcces; Apache,/tomcat/Websphere

I've seen posts that the adaptec drivers are bad. What else should I look
for so I can get this server running backup exec properly?

Second question: (I get a serial number violation on the re-install - using
either serial number -where do I delete the old serial number so i can re-enter


Mike O'Doherty