Hello, looking for some advise on the best method for tape rotation.
I have 8 servers sharing a 24 slot tape library, 7 of them are in a cluster.
(NW6, Bkupexec v9.0)
I'm confused on the partitioning of the library. I currently have the first
10 slots configured as one partition that is used Mon/Wed/Frid by the 7 clustered
servers. Slots 11/12 are used Mon/Wed/Frid by the other server.
Slots 13-22 are used Tue/Thurs by the clustered servers and 23/24 by the
other ont he same days.
My resoning is I can then replace an entire catrige of 12 tape every other
The jobs are set to Append then overwrite. But I'm confused on how it Apends,
once every tape fills up will it always overwrite the first tape in the partition?
Do I have to large of a partition? It just doesn't seem like the best method.
Can anyone give me some advise on the rotation methods using a library.